"I'm in an Armani store buying a suit, of course," Dima replied.

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I kept all his clothes from when he was a baby. Do you want them?

I lost my way in New York.

I don't want to pry into your private life.

I assumed Tuna understood what we were talking about.

Where does Marika live now?


I just saw them last week.

This is still a difficult question for science to answer.

John is good at chess.


I need to take care of my kids.

How many carbon atoms does methane have?

"What would you like on your sandwich, honey or condensed milk?" "Both, and don't bother with the bread."

Sidney said he saw nothing.

I'm studying English drama.

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They had some.

Every sunday, I drive to my local Buddhist temple. I drive really fast, with loud music on.

I'm sorry. We must have our wires crossed. I thought we were talking about last night.

To conceal anything from those to whom I am attached, is not in my nature. I can never close my lips where I have opened my heart.

She didn't agree with him.

Get that stupid look off your face.

Tonight I have guests.

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Our family budget is in the red.

You know how to fix computers.

If you should happen, by any unlikely chance, to know a man more blest in a laugh than Scrooge's nephew, all I can say is, I should like to know him too. Introduce him to me, and I'll cultivate his acquaintance.

Micky took good care of everyone.

Bret knew that Jakob was going to cry.

600 problems will be tough going.

How pretty your sister is!

I'll just wait here until Joni is ready.

If God is love, I have fallen in God, if I may say so.

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She couldn't accept the cruelties of life.

How did you know all that?

I'm sure Kerry will love your present.


Stevan explained the details to Jinchao.


They are planning to connect the cities with a railroad.

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Return to your place.

Paul is not so much a singer as a composer.

Let me have a look at that book of Tracey's.


I waited up.


I really want to go to Boston again.

She's there then! She's sleeping, she's dreaming, she's thinking about me maybe...

This place gives me a really bad vibe.

I know what I saw.

His condition is if only, better than in the morning.

Why did you do this to me?

How about singing that song for me again?

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Erwin wasn't an especially good student in high school.

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Billy looks drunk.

How many cats does Leads have?

I'm beginning to feel a little sleepy.

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The fog lifted quickly.


Do you want to get out of here?

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Poverty drove him to steal.


Hotta worked as a gardener.


I cannot laugh in front of the cameras.


The first speech was given at the convention by none other than Clint Eastwood, the famous actor.

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I am poor at swimming.

I'm going to split.

Have you changed shampoos?

My work is finished.

The moment she saw me, she burst into tears.

That chicken hasn't laid any eggs recently.

Bjorne is an educator.

We have to go somewhere.

Clayton and Alexander spoke quietly so they wouldn't wake the baby.


The German withdrawal gave the Allies time to prepare strong defenses.

When she saw Ozawa's face, she became red up to the base of her ears.

You've violated our trust.

It was a beautiful summer, and the sky was always blue.

You have the same racket as I have.


It is cheaper if you go there by bus.

I walk to the park.

We can't save everyone.


I'll go with you to see the doctor.

He's an expert with a slingshot.

It'll take less than an hour to do that.

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We took a mud bath.


I don't have to prove anything at all.

Italian is a musical language.

They offered no explanation.

We didn't expect the passage of the bill with so little debate.

I'm a normal guy.


Hotta went to work early this morning.

I didn't know Thomas was going to come with us.

I used to love this place.


The happiness and sorrow of others is happiness and sorrow of our own.


Believe in love!


Jeanne is waiting with everyone else.

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I got good grades when I was in college.

We have to find out where Srikanth is.

Don't follow me around.

Toft says he's planning to take Matt out to dinner tonight.

A guy named Roger was looking for you this morning.

A wolf cannot be tamed.

The teacher can show an example on the blackboard to clarify the type of answer expected.


He informed me about the changes in the plan.

I felt ill. Why?

It's yours for the asking, Pilar.

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I extended my holiday.


What a boy!


Do you remember?

Ragnar never seems interested in talking about sports.

I'm calling her, but she's not coming.

When is peak sentences?

I'm going to plant a bunch of pretty flowers in my garden.


I'm extremely busy.

Mah bought a new house.

We must create a safe environment for our children.

Maybe it never happened.

I was swamped with work.

Do you still think we have a chance to win?

Westerners, in general, prefer to avoid such topics unless the other person brings them up.

Patrice kept us waiting for a long time.

I didn't believe Marilyn would do it.


Sugih can't park his car in his garage because it's already full.

Perhaps we shouldn't be doing this without Angela's help.

That's my umbrella, not Lex's.


I think Kevyn is hurt. Blood is coming out of his head!

Not many people know what we're really doing here inside.

Lorenzo's room is at the end of the hall, on the right.


The author illustrated his book with a lot of pictures.


Jordan didn't know quite what to say.

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Let me check my Rolodex.

Whose umbrella is this?

A right without a duty is a privilege.

Do you have an English dictionary?

Please go ahead of me, because I have something to do.

This is getting interesting.

It took Mikael an hour to get to school.


Do any of you need medical assistance?

We think this doesn't make sense.

She has some faults, but I love her none the less.

Lewis is awfully short.

We didn't want anybody to find us.

Drop in and see us when you're next in Tokyo.

How much do you remember about that night?

We've been friends ever since.

I thought Omar would lose his temper.


Space doesn't like that kind of music.

Can we just move on?

That custom is on the decrease.

Michiel promised to come home early tonight.

Carol loves ice cream.


There's a secret path on the left.

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I want to have sex with her.

I am a man of absolute sincerity.

Vern said the same thing.

Lyndon didn't realize what was going on.

Reiner is a comic book writer.

I have to massage my knees.

We were just about to start eating.

I want to hear this.

Lin looks really bored.


Just give me a few hours.